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Celebrating World Day for Social Justice: What is Social Justice and Why Should It Matter To You?

February 20th is a day that has been declared World Day for Social Justice by the United Nations (UN).

On World Social Justice Day, we're called to confront the harsh realities of inequality and oppression that persist in societies around the globe. It's a day to acknowledge the voices that often go unheard, the struggles of marginalized congregations, and the urgent need for systemic change.

But what is social justice and why should it matter to you? 

What is Social Justice?

According to Wikipedia, Social justice is justice about a fair balance in the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society where individuals' rights are recognized and protected.

Simply put, it is the side of justice that advocates for equal opportunities for every individual regardless of social status or gender.

Social justice covers everything in the society including healthcare, employment, housing etc.

A picture of a group of people including someone holding a placard with the inscription, "Social justice for all"
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Some Common Social Injustice faced by society 

  • Economic Inequality: Economic injustice is the unequal distribution of wealth, resources, and opportunities within society. This includes inequality in income, education, employment, healthcare, and housing. Economic disparity promotes cycles of poverty and marginalization, restricting people's capacity to realize their full potential and participate fully in society.

  • Racial Discrimination: Racism is a widespread form of social injustice in which people are marginalized and discriminated against because of their race or ethnicity. This can take many forms, including unequal treatment in the criminal justice system, job discrimination, racial profiling, and discrepancies in access to quality education and healthcare. Systemic racism maintains structural disparities while limiting chances for marginalized racial and ethnic groups.

  • Gender Inequality: Gender injustice is the unequal treatment and opportunity given to people based on their gender identity or expression. Women and gender minorities frequently experience prejudice and impediments to success in a variety of fields, including employment, politics, education, and health care. 

  • Environmental Injustice: Environmental injustice refers to the disproportionate weight of environmental dangers and pollution suffered by underprivileged populations, mostly low-income communities. These populations are more exposed to harmful pollutants, have limited access to clean air and water, and are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

  • Disability Discrimination: People with impairments are subjected to institutionalized discrimination and hurdles that restrict their ability to fully engage in the society. Disability discrimination denies people with disabilities their rights to full inclusion and engagement in all facets of life, perpetuating social isolation.

Promoting Equality

Achieving social justice needs a dedication to equality in all its forms. This entails removing barriers that hinder certain groups from having equal rights and opportunities as others. It entails confronting discrimination and prejudice wherever they appear and pushing for laws and practices that promote fairness and inclusiveness. Every action we take in support of equality - whether it's pushing for fair wages, fighting for racial justice, or discouraging the gender pay gap - moves us closer to a more equitable society.

How to Celebrate World Day of Social Justice

Several social issues require attention. Do your research and start advocating for the resolution of these issues; be it issues related to healthcare, the gender pay gap, environmental injustice etc. You don't have to be a politician or a public figure to do this; you could start by using your social media platform.

Another thing you could do is donate and volunteer for organizations that advocate for social justice such as Human Rights Watch, Save the Children, Environmental Care Foundation, etc.; and you could start one yourself if you have the means.


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WRITTEN BY Richard Emmanuel

Richard Emmanuel is a STEM teacher and a fashion designer. During his leisure time, he works as a freelance content writer and sometimes creates poetry content on Instagram. He is passionate about mental health and human resources development. 

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Tunmise is a designer with a knack for storytelling. He is a lover of creativity and art and enjoys working at the intersection of brands, people, technology, and storytelling. He strongly believes in the power of storytelling and believes this power can change the world and help in achieving the SDGs when well utilized. He is a big lover of football and music.

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