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How Earthvocates Maesha and Shoummo are Spreading Climate Optimism

Updated: Feb 28

In the newest episode of The Kurerie Podcast, we meet the founders of Green & Beyond Mag, an initiative changing the world's outlook on sustainability, and telling the stories of people embracing sustainability. A movement that foresees our future, a movement that all of our lives on earth depend on: The Climate Movement.

Nasrin Maesha, the Co-founder and Creative Director at Green & Beyond Mag tells us her vision for the digital publication and its transition to what it is today.

A business major, Maesha always wanted to be involved in humanitarian work from a very young age. Her love for writing and a yearning to create awareness through her social work led her down the path of climate optimism.

Maesha: As a kid, I used to write these fictional stories. We had these little children's books with cartoons and animals that my mom used to get me for classes, and I used to make little story books out of them. So, I have been a writer my whole life.

After working in the corporate sector for a while, Maesha realized that she wanted to continue her writing. Holding a passion for doing something on her own, Maesha co-founded Green & Beyond Magazine.

Shoummo Ahmed, the co-founder, editor, and researcher at Green & Beyond Mag graduated with an electrical engineering degree mainly working with renewable energy, nevertheless, he shifted to being a writer and a researcher.

Shoummo: The first memory I have of writing is making a wall magazine for International Mother’s Language Day for school as a child, and that was the beginning of my writing journey.

Shoummo's environmental activism journey started in his final year of university when he started writing to raise awareness about earthquakes. Since then, Shoummo developed an interest in environmental sustainability, conscious consumerism, and climate optimism. His goal? To encourage the world to believe in the power of the present, and break the chains the consumerism. He urges youth and the world to be contentful, practice mindful consumption, and start the climate change conversation to be a climate-conscious citizens.

Since 2020, Green & Beyond Mag has urged people to be catalysts for change.

When you do something, it has a ripple effect, you don’t even know about it. When individuals do it collectively and you see it altogether, you see a huge movement happening.

Green & Beyond Mag has transcended into a multimedia platform over the years where the team has prioritized the #returntogreen lifestyle over all else. They believe a lifestyle consistent and conscious of climate change are the first steps towards change-making, and staying patient and positive with fellow changemakers.

Green & Beyond Mag features many other articles and step guides to help all of us live a healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyle. From fashion and beauty to tech, food and travel, finances, and even business and career, they have exceeded in every aspect to share information and guide everyone towards a better, more climate-friendly lifestyle.

In speaking about Climate optimism, Shoummo said this;

Shoummo: This doom and gloom mentality of individuals to feel hopeless and to feel tired, lead nowhere. We are in such a state of climate change that it’s not too late to feel tired, to feel hopeless since so many inspiring things are happening all around us, and that’s what defines climate optimism.”

Green & Beyond Mag has featured many Greenfluencers and Earthvocates from all over the world who have been vocal about climate change and shared their wisdom on building a more green-friendly lifestyle. Thus, upholding a global objective and successfully creating an international community aware of the changes needed for a better future.

From a non-profit organization to hosting GCMxBangladesh event to teach and train the youth of Bangladesh about climate activism and also branching into an international magazine, Green & Beyond Mag has triumphed over it all, and we hope they continue to do so thus helping all of us become climate-conscious citizens and optimists!

Want to listen to the full episode? Click this link!

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Atoshi is a writer, travel enthusiast, and self-proclaimed photographer currently studying in 10th grade in Bangladesh. Atoshi is passionate about listening and telling stories of people, and changemakers all over the world. She loves to meet and connect with new people since she believes there is no better way to learn about other people's lifestyles and cultures other than that. She finds moments of peace in her day-to-day life through street photography and occasional binge-watching movies.

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EDITED BY Chizulu Uwolloh.

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