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List of Petition Websites

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

A list of petition websites
List of petition websites

*This article is updated regularly

One of the best ways to make an impact is by starting and signing petitions.

Petitions are used to raise awareness about causes in order to request immediate action; usually the passing or repealing of a law. Petitions, however, are not just addressed to lawmakers. They can be addressed to governments, companies, and even private entities.

Petitions are a great start to making an impact in your community or country and there are a number of websites available for you to start one or take it slow and sign one.

Want to start or sign a petition? Check out our list of petition websites below! is a worldwide campaign platform that allows you create petitions, find petitions on issues you are passionate about and sign them.

On The Petition Site, you can get tips on how to start a petition as well as step by step instructions on how to get your petition to stand out.

3. Care2

Care2 is a great website that gives you step by step instructions on how to start a petition and how to get signatures. You can also find a list of petitions addressing different causes and sign them.

In Canada?

Search for and sign online actions and petitions to support causes which protect the environment and Canadians' right to a healthy planet.

Create online petitions in just a few minutes on iPetitions and search and sign petitions!

Know any other great petition websites? Put them in the comments and share your knowledge!

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Michele B
Michele B
Jan 24

Thanks for this list, in my case I would like to start a petition and I want to categorise the signatories. For example, adding a checkbox 'I am a doctor', 'I am a patient', 'I am a family member'... is any of the websites you suggest doing that? thanks! mic b.

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